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 Evolution not revolution! Tangible technology improvements everyday, not just new and flashy designs when the product cycle dictates the launch date. At GRAF, we study the mechanics of the skating stride to better understand how the complex kinetic features of the human foot impact skate design function and fit. Introducing the well known fit of GRAF's -35 design with our next evolution in construction. This true 3-D fit profile incorporates our newest evolution in lightweight monocoque frame technology. The next generation pre-preg thermolam construction provides the base of the composite Teclite quarter. Improved thermomolding technology gives better energy transfer for optimum skate response. Faster acceleration, quicker turns, lighter weight oh...and we improved the durability. Isn't that what you are looking for in an Ultra Performance skate?


 True 3D Fit- Every foot is different. thats why we developed different skates based on the three dimensions of heel width backstay shape and heel instep depth. The result? A skate thats as close to custom made as possible. If you dont know your fit profile visit an authorized GRAF dealer -  only they have the expertise and technical training to determine your unique foot shape and the GRAF skate that fits it perfectly.